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Members of Peace In Christ are very active in serving God, volunteering for any number of ministries and opportunities within the church and throughout our community.  Read through the descriptions below and let our office know which areas sound like the opportunities that best fit you to serve our congregation.  

PIC's Member Information Form is used to help us know what God-given talents you have and what areas you would be interested in getting involved with. 

In Worship

Worship Greeters - These are some of the first friendly faces visitors and members see as they enter church on Sunday morning.  They are here to welcome people, direct visitors to the Greeters' desk for a small gift, hand out bulletins, and answer any questions.  

Acolytes - Our acolytes consist mostly of our confirmation students, but volunteers are needed from time to time.  Candles are used as part of every worship service and our acolytes light and extinguish them.

Scripture Readers - Are you comfortable reading God's Holy Word in a church service?  Then please volunteer to be a Scripture reader and serve our congregation by reading the assinged Old Testament and Epistle lessons.  

A/V Technicians - The big screen in the sanctuary makes it much easier for our people to follow along with the liturgy and service.  However, it also requires someone to operate the Power Point during the service.  If you are computer savy, comfortable with Power Point, or even just eager to learn, please volunteer to help in the A/V room during our worship services. 

Ushers - Helping people to their seats, handing out bulletins, assisting visitors, helping with offering and communion during the worship services, and ushering people out after the service are the main responsibilites of our ushers. 

Fellowship Host - Each week five families are assigned to bring in treats for our fellowship time between services.  These families are also responsible for "hosting" that time, by making coffee, putting treats on trays, making sure there are cups, napkins, and plenty of treats accessible, and quickly cleaning up the kitchen afterward.  It is also a wonderful opportunity to greet and get to know people going through the line.  

Around the Church

Altar Guild -  These ladies do a wonderful job of keeping the altar and sanctuary looking beautiful and ready for worship services.  Some of their duties include altar flowers, setting up for and cleaning up after communion, changing and washing paraments, changing banners, and keeping the chancel clean.  

Kitchen Aids - At funerals, the family will usually host a lunch afterwards in the fellowship hall.  We need volunteers to help prepare, serve, and clean up for these lunches.  If you have a flexible schedule that would allow you to be here every once in a great while during the day, please consider volunteering to help in this area.  

Counters - Come in on Monday or Tuesday with your counter partner to count the offering from the weekends' services.  

Operations - We have several men who stay busy around the church mowing, watering, shoveling snow, changing light bulbs, making small repairs, and other tasks to keep the church building and grounds looking nice and running smoothly.  If you would like to help with these kinds of jobs and repairs, we can always use more help in this area. 

Decorating - As the seasons change, so do the church decorations.  If you enjoy decking the halls or just helping others get in the holiday mood, please consider signing up to help decorate the fellowship hall, narthex, and sanctuary.  

Painting - Occasionally, we spruce up the walls with a fresh coat of paint.  If you are good at painting or enjoy this type of labor, please let us know so when we do have a project like this we know who to call.