We are located at...
5007 Maple Grove Road.
Hermantown MN 55811

Peace In Christ is located on the north side of Maple Grove Rd. between Stebner Rd. and Lavaque Rd.  

Coming from Miller Hill Mall: Turn off Highway 53 onto Maple Grove Rd.  Head west, continuing straight through the major intersections at Haines and at Stebner, passing Target and Sam's Club along the way.  Then once you have went through the lights at Stebner and Maple Grove, drive a 1/2 mile and the church will be on your right hand side.  

As you find your way to Peace In Christ, you will discover we have two parking lots.  Our main entrance is off of Maple Grove Rd.; however, we do have a second entrance off of Getchell Rd. as well.  You are invited to park anywhere there is an open space.  Handicap spots are located right up front by the building. Please feel free to pull under the carport and drop off anyone in your party before you go park.