Puerto Rico Mission Family

We at Peace In Christ are proud to support the DiLiberto family currently serving in Puerto Rico!  

The DiLiberto Family 

      Rev. Anthony and Jamie DiLiberto serve the Lord as missionaries of The Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod.  Anthony is helping rebuild the existing Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico (a city of 72,000 people on the western shore of the island).  He is also working to plant a new church in an area of the island where there currently is no Lutheran presence.  In addition, Anthony is involved in the long-term disaster relief efforts at the mission’s various mercy houses.  From there, Puerto Rican Lutherans offer food, water, and other basic necessities to community members.

       Anthony is from southern California (Glendora).  He earned his bachelor’s degree in Christian Education Leadership with a minor in Spanish, as well as his certification as a Director of Christian Education, at Concordia University, Irvine, California.  He received his Master of Divinity degree from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis.  Before serving in Puerto Rico, Anthony served in Peru (2008-2014), directing earthquake relief efforts and facilitating the Peruvian Lutheran Mission’s mercy work located in Lima, Peru.

     Jamie grew up on a farm near Tobias, Nebraska.  She graduated from Concordia University Nebraska, Seward, with a bachelor’s degree in secondary education and a Lutheran teacher’s degree with concentrations in English and Spanish.  Prior to serving in Puerto Rico, Jamie taught Spanish at Metro East Lutheran High School in Edwardsville, Illinois, and served as a missionary in Peru (2010-2014), working closely with the Peruvian Lutheran Mission.  

     Anthony and Jamie have four children, Eliana, Gabriella, Lucas, and Joseph.

Birthdays ─
Anthony     October 25th 
Jamie         September 1st
Eliana        January 21st
Gabriella    April 20th
Lucas        June 15th 
Joseph      May 15th

Anniversary  ─
July 1st 

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Why support a missionary?

      Two good reasons.  First of all, in Acts, chapter one, Jesus told His disciples to “be His witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth”.  We understand those words to mean that we are to be His witnesses not only in our immediate neighborhood, but also in our country and to all the world.

      By supporting a missionary outside the United States, we can be constantly reminded of the importance of being a witness to all the world.  Plus, it can be a great example to our young children (and youth) of the importance of reaching out to all people (not just those whom we know).  Furthermore, those young people can have the opportunity to be directly involved with a missionary in Preschool and Sunday School activities.

      Secondly, the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod requires missionaries from our Synod to gain financial support from individuals and congregations.  They are not allowed to begin their work until they have achieved a certain level of financial support.  Without individuals and congregations supporting them, our church would not be the witness to all the world that Christ wants us to be!


Why support a missionary from Puerto Rico?

     When our Discipleship Ministry at Peace in Christ first considered adopting a missionary, they looked into what our Minnesota North District is currently doing in regard to witnessing to the world.  It made sense to potentially work with them.  We learned that the District has, over the last four years, committed to partner with the mission work in Puerto Rico. 

     They have committed $25,000 this year to the work there.

      We also learned that two missionaries are currently working in Puerto Rico.  We then asked our Mission people in St. Louis, Missouri (the headquarters of our church body) if both of those two missionaries were fully “funded” to be a missionary.  We were told that the DiLiberto family still needed some support. 

      Realizing that the proximity of Puerto Rico to Hermantown would make it much easier for our members to potentially make mission trips there in the future, it seemed only natural for our congregation to adopt the DiLiberto family.

      If you would like to help support the DiLiberto family (at any time), visit either the PIC app (look for the “Give” tab and then select the “PR Mission family”) OR place a check in the offering plate made out to “Peace in Christ” with the memo line stating: “PR Mission family”.